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New HCI Deployment on older Nodes


Hello everyone,

i have a HCI test environment consisting of two H300E compute and four H300S storage nodes.

I wanted to try out NDE Version 1.7P1 on this hardware,  but the compute nodes don't seem to want to boot into the NetApp Configurator (the GUI where you set temporary IPs and so on) and after a reboot automatically boot into ESXi instead.


This happens after RTFI'ing the nodes with the 1.7P1 Image, so my theory is, that the newest NDE does not support deployment of H300E compute nodes anymore.

I could not find a summary of which nodes allow which deployment versions anywhere, is there someone who could help me out? 


Re: New HCI Deployment on older Nodes


Those nodes are still supported. 🙂


The system will alternate which boot device so you may need to reboot again to get into the configurator (or you may need to grab the Boot Menu and force it.)

Re: New HCI Deployment on older Nodes


Yes, it did not like the NetApp Configurator Boot Option tho.

What worked was booting into "NetApp Safe Mode" though i can't say if that supports the NDE Deploy. But i will try now and report back later !

Re: New HCI Deployment on older Nodes


If the compute nodes have already been deployed you will need to RTFI the nodes.  Have you mounted and booted to the 1.7P1 ISO yet?  If not that would be your first step.  Once that's complete you can boot to NetApp safemode, choose maintenance tasks and then factory reset.  That process takes about 15 minutes or so.  Once complete, you can run through the NDE on one of your storage nodes.

Re: New HCI Deployment on older Nodes


Here's how that works with HCI v1.7


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