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flexpod support of ontap 8.0.1



Does anyone know if the Flexpod (UCS/Vmware/NetApp) solution is validated to run on OnTap 8.0.1.  From what i've recently read, the latest release of supported OnTap is version 7.3.5.  Thanks.




If by 'validated' you mean Cisco Validated Design (CVD), that is currently only done with 7.3.x.

Nevertheless there's FlexPod documents that reference 8.0.1. If it isn't out there yet, the deployment guide for 8.0.1 should be out, soon.

Hope that helps



In order to have a supported Flexpod solution (Cisco UCS, NetApp and VMware) doesn't it have to be a Cisco Validated Design?  We're debating between Cisco Flexpod solution (FCoE w/ NetApp's unified host adapter) and a Xsigo/NetApp solution.

We're already running Xsigo at one of our data centers so the Flexpod solution has to be really compelling and affordable for us to go with Flexpod at a different data center.


Hi Dan,

to quote from the FlexpodTechnicalFAQ:

When will the Data ONTAP 8.0.1 FlexPod be available?

The first version of the deployment guide and CVD covers Data ONTAP 7.3.5 due to the wide proven install base of 7.3.x.  An updated deployment guide covering Data ONTAP 8.0.1 will be released soon.

To quote from the technical Specification (e.g. FlexPodTechnicalSpecificationLargeConfigurations):

NIC 2‐Port Bare Cage SFP+ 10GbE PCIe
(For FlexPod configurations based on Data ONTAP 8.0.1 or
higher replace with X1139A‐R6 [Dual port 10 GbE, UTA,
SFP+ Optical] [2])

So IMHO, it's just a matter of time...

Hope that helps.



Can you point me to the link for the Flexpod Technical FAQ. Thanks.

Hi guys,

Have you seen this thread: http://communities.netapp.com/message/50169#50169?




For some reason, i'm getting an Unauthorized message when i try to access this thread.



There you go - this is the most important bit from Nick Triantos (http://communities.netapp.com/people/triantos):

Although this is not reflected in the  current CVD, it is reflected in the Bill of Materials as a note and will  be reflected in the CVD in the next update.

One can run 8.0.1 on the array and the regular 10GbE NICS with the X1139A-R6, Dual port 10 GbE, UTA.

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