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network simple config for HCI (4x4)



first of all I'm new on Netapp, that's why some of my questions will seem a little vague

Can we use a default vlan of switch (vlan 100) for all the three network segments .


. Management
• VMware vMotion
• Storage/Data



enabling LACP , spanning-tree port type edge  are are sufficient to deploy netapp hci ?


We want to use a simple configuration to succeed the NDE and installation. (hci with  4cnx4sn)




thanks for your help.







There are two topologies with regard to the number of cables on Compute nodes. If you use the 2 cable option, you need vSphere Enterprise Plus and "VLAN tagging is required for storage and vMotion networks for all compute and storage nodes."




If you use six cable option, you still need to be able to separate Management and the rest. Even if you had just one VLAN on your network ports, you'd need additional VLAN tags applied on vSphere (ESXi) hosts,  so you'd have to have those switch ports changed to Trunk Mode (from Access Mode, which is common for single-VLAN configs) to allow for host-side tagging to VLANs.




It's not that difficult and nodes can be easily reset in the case configuration wizard fails (due to problems with network switch settings, or otherwise).

There's also a tool that can help you validate network configuration before you begin:


It should be able to identify most common issues before you begin.


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