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2050 - 13TB aggregate... 2TB max vol size?


Greetings! This is a bush-league question, but one I'm trying to get answered (I've been out of the NetApp game for about two years and lost most of what I knew). OnTap v7.3.1.1L1, aggregate size is 13TB (SATA1)... volume is currently 2TB total (5% snap reserve)... when I try to resize it via FilerView I get an error the max size is 2048.

I'm thinking the issue has something to do with the volume being configured for de-dupe (sis) and there only being 4.88TB free on the aggregate... but as I said I'm still getting back in the groove with NetApp.

Any help you could provide would be appreciated!



Re: 2050 - 13TB aggregate... 2TB max vol size?


On the FAS2050 you have in fact the limitation that the volume can not set larger than 2048 GB when dedupe is enabled on that volume.

AFAIK it is not sufficient to just turn sis off /vol/volume but you must run sis undo - and then the volume can grow beyond 2TB under newer Ontap releases.

Very bad if you have 2000GB data and another 50GB deduped (df -gs) ... then you can not grow and you can not undedupe neither 😞


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Re: 2050 - 13TB aggregate... 2TB max vol size?


Exactly what I needed, thanks for the answer Mark! I stumbled across a nice NA pdf that lists the max de-dupe volume sizes for all of the Filers in NA's arsenal that will come in pretty handy in the future. Thanks again for your help!


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