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Any way to get an old version of ONTAP for a storevault S550?


I had to do a 4a reinstall of our S550 and i can't seem to find a copy of the storvault manager software or the ontap software for it.

It does work (partially) .

I can't seem to download anything from the download site.

Where can I find this software?

feel free to contact me at brad@coopmetrics.coop if that's easier for you.

Thanks in advance




You might find it if you know the exact version number. It's just OnTap, although it is limited in some ways.

Go to the NOW site, download software, then scroll all the way down the list where it says "to download a specific version..."

Select "Data OnTap" and type your version number (I think it should be something like 7.0.1L4 or something like that)

Good luck




Second option on the page is S Family (formerly StoreVault)


Unfortunately that secion is listed as "Not Active/Expired" for me.

After much back and forth with the Netapp customer support, they will not sell me access to this software since the device is end of life.

Seems wrong...

Why would Netapp want to keep me from getting access to old software??!


My revision is 7.2.1S9, but unfortunately the specific version feature at the bottom of the page does not recognize that as a correct version #.


how frustrating.


I'm in the same boat. 😞

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