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Assign disk to aggregate



At the moment I have two raid groups in my FAS2020 (dual disk controllers) with 6 disks in each group, accesing them through each of the contollers.

I am going to remove the raid group from the second controller and assign all the disks to the first controller.

I started this by removing the ownership of one of the disk from the second filer and assigning it in the first filer, however the disk ended up as a hot spare.

How do I re-assign this hotspare disk as a data disk?

What is the best procedure to change the ownership from the second filer to the first?



Re: Assign disk to aggregate


Just add disks to the aggregate from FilerView.

Re: Assign disk to aggregate


Once the disks are assigned to a controller, you need to unassign them.  If you enter into the priv command line, then use the disk unassign ............   command. This will remove assignment to them.  They may be hardware assigned, this will then need to be changed in the boot menu....

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