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DNS change


I need to change the ip-addresses DNS servers for our Netapp filers.

Can i do this without rebooting the filers ?

Is a change in resolv.conf sufficient?

Should i do a dns info and dns flush afterwards ?



DNS change


this work without a reboot of your filer. you can change it in resolve.conf file, or you can make this changes via filerview. there network / configure host name resolution (dns & nis).


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DNS change


          I was under the assumption that any changes made to a config file will take effect only after a storage node is rebooted. So in the above case of making changes in the "resolv.conf" file doesn't that require a reboot? Kindly clarify me because i have a similar exercise to be done in our environment. Your input will be of great help.


DNS change

You can make the changes in resolv.conf and then verify by running the command `dns info` from CLI. A reboot should not be necessary.

DNS change

Beware, if you do change the DNS Domainname with System Manager 1.1 it will not be there after a reboot.

If you do it in FilerView it is OK and if you edit the config files (resolv.conf and rc) then it will be OK too.


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