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FAS270 Recycle



For the process of hard drive recycle and FAS270 units;  If I want to ensure that data is not retrievable, would it just be a matter of switching all of the drives around so they could not be logically accessed as when in production? Or, would it be best to degauss or physically drill thru the drives?



What do you mean under “switching all of the drives around”?

The simplest way to delete data on all disks is to boot into ^C menu and select 4a to zero out all disks and reinitialize root volume. You will be left with empty system without any user data. Data will not be recoverable using “normal” means.

Whether this is enough depends on how stringent your requirements are.



Thinking that changing the drives physical order in the units would render them logically inaccessible by the app if someone tried to bring them back up. The units have been on a shelf for the last year and no longer in production or powered up and we need to dispose of them.


No. NetApp is using logical drive identification based on labels written to drives, so you can reorder them as you wish (and even put in another shelf) and data remains available. One of features I love NetApp for ☺


Understood, thanks for your fast response this morning!



Disk sanitization will meet DOD data erasure requirements if you are looking for something super stringent.


Thanks Richard,

The deal with these units are they are powered down and retired so I do not have the ability to use software. We are going to submit them to our recycler along with old PC’s etc. but need to ensure they are free of data. I’m thinking physical destruction is my only option unless there is a way to mount them minus a complete NetApp installation?



Plug the disks one by one to a Linux machine and run:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1M

Replace the bold letters accordingly

That will delete any partition and zero fill the disks



Many thanks!

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