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S550: Increase Windows Shares Volumes Size


Good afternoon NetApp community,

I am seeking help and hopefully get an question or two of mine answered.

I have recently inherited a StoreVault S550 from a previous IT administrator.  This system currently has 3 LUNs configured and a portion of the space has been reserved for "Windows Shares".   There is approximately 1 TB of "free space" that doesn't seem alocated to Windows Shares, LUNs or Snapshots and I am trying to grow the Windows Shares to utilize these free space.  Using the StoreVault Manager GUI i haven't been able to find any functions to make chages to this Windows Shares reserved space and increase the size using what is reported as being free space.

Based on other posts I've discovered in this community, it appears like there is a command line interface from which I could execute the "vol autosize shares on" command or the "vol size shares" command to assign part of the 1TB of free space to the Windows Shares volume.  However, I don't seem to be able to access this CLI via telnet, SSL or any other usual protocols nor do I see any configuration parameters in StoreVault Manager GUI to configure/enable these services.

So I have two questions:

1) Is there a way to resize using the GUI

2) If not, how to I access the CLI for this device?  Is it only accessible via a serial connection?

Thanks in advance.



yes, you need to connect via a serial cable and then telnet to the storevault and issue the resize command.


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