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How do you install Data ONTAP software 6.5.7 on to a old F760


Hello i am new to this kind of product but have a old F760 with 18gb drives. Now everything is connected and i have updated firmware via floppy and have installed disks 1 to 8 which gets it to the stage of setting network information via hyperterminal console connection..... and yes before you say it fd install. ( very old )...

What i would like to find out is if there is a cheat sheet on how you install the full version from laptop to filer. Not the how to upgrade ontap to what ever version is needed when it is already installed, but the very first steps you will need when you have a bare unit and just ontap on disks... People have said you will need apachi installed and possible linux to install any further. But i do not know linux or apachi.

but would like some type of document which would say you set you ip and network settings on laptop and filer like this etc etc...and then you should be able to comunicate with the F760 and then run software install then download...etc etc... because at the moment if i turn the unit off i will have to reinstall disks again and resetup the basic info, which is only held in memory until full software installed.

The basic text file i have is attached but does not really help me on how to set the comunications between both laptop and F760.. any help would be appreciated even if its to say my god thats so old i have never seen one before...






I just had to do exactly the same thing and the diag user worked perfectly.



ssh to filer

priv set advanced

useradmin diaguser unlock

useradmin diaguser password


login: diag

password: ********

% whoami


% sudo -u root /bin/csh

% whoami


cd /mroot/etc/sshd

mkdir <NEW USER>


mkdir .ssh

cd .ssh

echo "ssh key string with no line breaks" >> authorized_keys2

exit (to diag user)

exit (back to root user)

priv set admin (back to normal)


Thanks for the reply on this F760 and OnTap Software.

I have another Question about the licence's. I have found since registering the unit and putting the serial number in that there does not seem to be any licence's anymore on this unit. There is nothing stored on the drives which would of held the licence's now, but i would like to know how many default licence's you would have to get for this F760 and what would they normally cost to get...as i would like to get this up and running at some point... We have installed the basic software OnTap and can communicate sort off but no Licence's at all.... so really just hardware and nothing else yet...

Another thing is do they still do hardware or OnTap training for these units and old software anywhere....this is for anyone to answer.....




First off, do you have the software license keys that came with the F760?

If you don't, the filer won't really do anything unless you have the licensed features enabled, such as CIFS or NFS, etc..

If you have the license keys, add them in by running the command "license add" with the key-code, which is a short series of letters 6-8 characters long.

Do you have the Data ONTAP 6.5.7 software package?

The file should be named 657_setup_a.exe (69 MB) or 657_sysfiles_a.tar (62 MB).

If you do not have either the license keys or the software, you may be able to access the license keys and software by registering for an account at http://now.netapp.com, by using the F760's serial number (on the back).

If you have a CIFS license, you can install the CIFS license and run CIFS setup to join the filer to a Workgroup or an Active Directory or NT 4.0 domain.

From there, you can map a drive from a Windows host to the filer's ETC$ share (\\filername\etc$).

Run the "software list" command from the console to create a "software" directory.

Copy the 657_setup_a.exe (or 657_sysfiles_a.tar) file to the \\filername\etc$\software\ directory.

From the filer console, run the command "software install 657_setup_a.exe" (or 657_sysfiles_a.tar) and wait for the software to be installed.

Run the "download" command, and the filer will install the boot kernel to the hard drives.

You should be able to remove the floppy disk and issue the "reboot" command to have the system reboot from the disks.

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