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FAS270 factory reset


Hello everyone,

I'm an intern in a small business and this is my first system job (I'm a software developer) and I have to setup the new "application servers". I have all my others servers running but the FAS270 is bothering me. It has not been used since a long time ago, the batteries are completely depleted and all the mount point and network config are outdated.

Rather than trying to configure the actual system I'd like to reset it to factory defaults for a fresh and clean install.

Is there is physical way to "flash everything" so it becomes as good as new. So I can proceed to a brand new install.

I absolutely don't care about the data that's on.

On my actual state I have the lower unit up and running but the upper unit is completely "crazy" with this failover thing.

My main goal is to totaly reset this thing so i can configure it correctly.

Thanks for your help O mighty experts



Can anyone tell me how te download the latest version or the version that was released at the time I bought mine FAS270. I lost the software and my support contract is not valid anymore. It's weird that you cannot the download the software that you allready paid for, without a support contract.

Thank you in advance! Ronald


There are two ways to do this.

1. Initialize all disk and using the 4a options

  To get the 4a option do the following

  a)  Connect to console of the filer and Halt the system using halt command

  b) Now say bye from CFE prompt

  c) During the booting time you find the availability of Click Ctrl+C to get the Special boot menu

  d) Now press Crtl+C  (may be one or two times)

  4) Select 4(a) options this will initialize all the disks ( Zero fill) and create an aggregate and root flexible volume for you

  5) Once the initialization is done you will ask for the Setup


    a) Destroy all the aggregates and add the disks to the existing aggr0 (Root)

    b) Now if you want to reset the configuration in priv set advanced (halt -c factory)

    Method 1 will clean everything in the filer.You need to configure/setup everything from scratch. Also re-installation of Data ONTAP release

   will be required to launch Filerview.

   Method 2  Will clean configuration and keep the filer in Factory default mode. You can configure the filer using setup command. Less painful

   compare with the method 1.


Just reinstall it. During boot press Ctrl-C for special menu when asked and select 4a to wipe out all disks and reinitiaize system volume. It will come up and start initial setup.

Thanks for your quick answer I will try it.

The only note I might add is that you may want to upgrade Data ONTap first so the aggregate is created with a current/recent version of ONTap (the version of ONTap that creates the aggregate determines some of the underlying aggr layout characteristics).

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