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How do you reset admin password on StoreVault S500?


We bought one of these things as a demo unit when we were actively selling them a couple of years ago.  When they stopped carrying them, we began using it as production storage.  However, my former partner set it up, but never shared the password.  Now he's left on bad terms and we don't have any way to get into it.  Is there a way to reset the password with defaulting the unit and deleting all the stored data?





Hi David,

Try following steps and let me know if you able to reset the password, It worked for me.

Double-Click the StoreVault Manager icon on the Desktop.
Select Start > Programs > Network Appliance > StoreVault >
StoreVault Manager.
Result: The StoreVault Manager Sign On dialog box appears.

2 In the StoreVault Manager Sign On dialog box, complete the
following steps.
a. Select Maintenance Mode.
b. Type the password.
Use your system serial number as password for logging in
maintenance mode. You can find this serial number on the
back pane of the storage system or in the StoreVault Manager
screen, select Help > About StoreVault.
c. Select the StoreVault system name or type its IP address.
d. Click Sign In.
Result: A confirmation message box appears.
76 Resetting administrator password
Signing out To sign out from StoreVault Manager, complete the following step.

3 In the confirmation message box, click Yes to reset the password.
Result: The Modify User Password dialog box appears.

4 In the Modify User Password dialog box, complete the following
a. Type a new password.
b. Confirm the password.
c. Click Apply.
Result: The password successfully changed message box appears.

5 In the successfully changed message box, click OK.
You can also reset the password from the StoreVault
Administrative setting dialog box.

Note: This procedure may involve in rebooting the system, so, plan it accordingly





Thank you for this step by step procedure.  I have run into a snag myself with my S500 (S550).  Neither modes (Normal nor Maintenance) will accept the S/N as the password.  I tried many combinations from all caps to just the numbers with no letters.  I receive one of two different errors when trying out passwords.  While logging into maintenance mode I receive  "This mode is for maintenace purpose.  The password entered is wrong."  While in normal mode I receive this: "Error 13002: HTTP POST - Authorization failed."

Any thoughts?  Is there a way to just flash the ROM?  I do not care about saving any data on the HDDs.

I am using ONTAP Version 7.2.1S4.  The StoreVault Manager login screen will detect the server.  It has a DHCP assigned IP address.

Thank you




Follow the below steps to reset the StoreVault root password:

1. Connect the serial cable between StoreVault and PC

2. Reboot the system

3. Access StoreVault boot menu via serial port using Hyper Terminal application with default setting(BPS-9600_DB-8_P-None-SB-1_FC-None)

3. The StoreVault begins the boot process.
4. While booting press Ctrl-C to display the boot menu.
Boot menu lists following option:
     1) Normal Boot
     2) Boot without /etc/rc
     3) Change Password
     4) Initialize all disks
     4a) Same as option 4, but create a flexible root volume.
     5) Maintenance mode boot

5. Select option 3 to change the password and reboot the system.

Note: Do not try with other boot menu options, it may erase all your data.



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