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SM, CLI and / or Filerview


My customer is grappling with our different management tools and is now questioning me about the correct tool to use and when.

They are specifically trying to answer questions around when updates are reflected in the tools. The example he is using is --- they made a change in the RC file reflecting a new VIF configuration (they have not rebooted the system as of yet). Filerview does not show the change but it seems to be reflected in SM.

Other questions

  1. Does changes made in SM write to the RC file?
  2. Does changes made via CLI show in Filerview or SM
  3. It seems that SM will not allow you to add groups
  4. SM will not allow you to add disks if it will span raid groups

Sorry for all the questions but this has been an issue for them for quite some time now and i need to start addressing the questions and mapping them to our future management roadmap. Any assistance in answering the questions and providing some feedback and guidance would be greatly appreciated.




Re: SM, CLI and / or Filerview


John -

Excellent question.

/etc/rc isn't the only place we see these issues, they come up with NFS exports and other places.

The CLI is the most powerful way to admin a NetApp. But the industry as a whole is moving to GUI management.

There are some things that can be done on CLI that aren't implemented in the GUIs, and all the documentation

for Data ONTAP continues to be command line oriented.

Filerview won't show your changes to /etc/rc, it's taking it's info from current configuration.

On the other hand - Filerview will update /etc/rc automagicly when you make interface changes.

CLI changes have to be added to /etc/rc.

1. Interface changes in SM will update /etc/rc. It will update other config files for changes

that are made as well.

2. Most changes made on command line will show in SM and Filerview. If client had made

their interface changes on command line and updates /etc/rc they'd show up. I have seen

instances of SM reading configs and not refreshing, but the changes show up when SM

is run again.

3. In the past user/group/role administration was only done on the command line. You can't

do any user admin from Filerview. At least we can do user management from SM now.

One of the benefits of Ops Mgr is the ability to manage RBAC users across mult appliances.

This RBAC integration concept has been extended to SMO integration.

4. I hadn't noticed this yet. It's likely this will change in the future.

The future road map I've heard is that SM will be the GUI developed as we go foward, rather

than Filerview. This is the same as we've been doing with Datafort developement.

I'll hope this has been a help...

At your service,

Eugene Kashpureff


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