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need pinouts for FAS270 console cable.


we recently received an abandoned FAS270. it has all its drives and it powers up. i need to see if we can configure it but we don't have anything for it. i found a quick start guide but i need the pinouts for the RS-232 to RJ-45. also if i need any other software or a how to guide so i can share it out if it works would be great also. also if i would like to just start over is there a way to put it back to factory default?


Re: need pinouts for FAS270 console cable.


For factory default settings, "priv set advanced", then "halt -c factory" .  For user guides, download the latest from the now site.. If you don't have the password, from the console, ctrl-c for special boot menu then the option to reset the password.

The pinouts are the same as a Cisco console cable.

Pinouts DB9

Pin# Signal Data Flow    Description
1    DCD    input        data carrier detected
2    SIN    input        serial input
3    SOUT   output       serial output
4    DTR    output       data terminal ready
5    GND    N/A          signal ground
6    DSR    input        data set ready
7    RTS    output       request to send
8    CTS    input        clear to send
9    RI     input        ring indicator

Pinouts RJ45

Pin# Signal
1    connected to pin 8
2    Not connected
3    TXD (from appliance)
4    GND
5    GND
6    RXD (to appliance)
7    Not connected
8    connected to pin 1

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