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storevault - do i have to create each share individually?


i'm planning on migrating a file server that has a few hundred shared folders to a storevault.

i was hoping on using tools like robocopy or richcopy to help migrate the folders and keep the share permissions/acl's.   but it seems that I need to rightclick on every folder once it is in the storevault "shares" folder and go to the sharevault sharing tab and click "share this folder".

is there an easier way, or do i have to share out each folder individully after i migrate it to the storevault?



Re: storevault - do i have to create each share individually?


Would these hundreds of shares be user home directories?  You may want to look into the "cifs homedir" feature on the storage side that could eliminate having to create them at all.

Re: storevault - do i have to create each share individually?


Yes, these are user home directories.    After reading about the "cifs homedir", it seemed to be exactly what I needed.

But it looks like this option can only be enabled from the StoreVault command line.   When I telnet into the StoreVault, I get a warning:

"WARNING: This system is running Data ONTAP StoreVault Edition and does not support console management. Please use StoreVault Manager from a Microsoft  Windows client for system management. DATA LOSS MAY OCCUR .This serial console should only be used for troubleshooting by or in the presence of qualified StoreVault support personnel"

So I'm assuming that I cannot use cifs.homedir with my StoreVault? 

The help pages on the StoreVault manager make no mention of "homedir" unfortunelty.

If you have any other thoughts, I would like to hear them.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Re: storevault - do i have to create each share individually?


Ah...you won't be officially supported using anything outside of the StoreVault Manager. And yes, there are a quite a few traditional ONTap features that aren't available in StoreVault Manager.

Having said that, I have a couple customers who have used FilerView/the console on StoreVaults without any issues (they realize they're doing it without support but was worth it to them for what it allowed). Basically, if you configure things outside of the StoreVault Manager, you're still supported for "regular" stuff but won't be supported for things done outside of StoreVault Manager (and might potentially have to roll back those changes in a troubleshooting scenario).

And....I'm betting you're not looking to go to a 2020....but there is some extremely aggressive pricing on it right now for what it's worth.

Re: storevault - do i have to create each share individually?


Its a late reply, but have you considered using this method instead?

Share the root users folder only.  When mapping your drive for a user, if login script, use the following:

net use u: \\storevault\users-share\usernamefolder

- where "users-share" is the share for the root users folder, and "usernamefolder" is the username / name of folder nested within the root users folder.

That will do the job.  Basically you can net use to a nested folder inside the share.  The method of using individual shares for each user is the old way of doing it

For that matter, I generally only use 1 or 2 shares full stop on servers after migrating from unwieldy mega share file servers.  I create a root data share and go from there, users would just be another folder name.  For example:

net use x: \\storevault\cifs\users\jsmith


net use y: \\storevault\cifs\companydata\accounts

and so on...  This way, the only share that you need to create is "cifs".


storevault- how can i add the quota??


i have one S550 storage box and i have created four more shares under the windows shares using storevault manager.

now is it possible to set different quotas for different shares inside the windows shares.

i am able to set the quotas for the windows shares using right click the winows shares and followed the quota instructions.

but my requirement is to set seperate quotas for all the shares inside the windows share???

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