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Anyone Get Perfstat to run on Windows 7?


Seems like rsh is not an option by default within windows 7 enterprise.  You can install the Subsystem for UNIX-based Applciations as a feature but that still does not seem to do the trick.  All I get after trying it is -  "RSH to filer fails!  Quitting."

I've checked my rsh options and the host.equiv file.  The rsh is set to legacy.  It would appear that everything is fine.  So, if you have this working with Windows 7 please document how you got it to work.  I'm going to keep digging around for an answer.

Thanks in advance!



The first thing that comes to mind is to install PuTTy or some similar ssh for windows and see how that goes.  I would have thought that windows finally would have gotten a secure remote command line shell included by now...


Similar won't work, perfstat.exe on windows expects plink.exe for SSH access. Actually, plink.exe is all that is needed, but it alone does not support passwordless authentication on filer. To setup public key authentication puttygen.exe is needed additionally.

See (and article it refers to) for detailed examples.


Can you access this thread:

Pretty exhaustive discussion of the issue there.




That link is not working. Can you please check?



The link is working but it is accessible to partners only. There is nothing in this thread that warrants restricted access, it would be nice if admin could move it to some public place.


I'm getting the same issue. Were you able to find any solution to this?


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