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Can SMHV backup an XP Guest?


Much to my dissapointment we have had to install a Hyper V guest running XP Pro Sp3!

This is due to a shipping company's software only running on XP Desktops and we wanted to make the application highly available with XP being the "server"!

When I run SMHV all of my other servers backup appart from the XP guest.

I am running SMHV on a 4 node hyper V cluster.

I woll look around on the Microsoft site for any additional patches, but would appreciate any feedback.

Mnay thanks!



If a VM is running Windows XP, it cannot be backed up online. It has to be backed up using saved state (VM will be saved momentarily during backup and it will be started after the backup completes). This is a Microsoft limitation because Windows XP does not have support for VSS.

So, in order to take a successful backup of this VM using SMHV, please make sure that you have checked the ‘Allow saved state backup’ checkbox in the policy when trying to backup the dataset containing this XP VM.




Thanks, that worked.

I created a new dataset just for that XP VM with its own schedule.

It backed up no problem.

Many thanks