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Cannot connect to filers with a local user that isn't root?



I'm trying to start using the powershell toolkit but seem to be having authentication issues. I need to connect to several filers and cannot rely on AD authentication - I want to use a local account I've created but am having some of strange issues. Perhaps I'm approaching this all wrong, but some help would be really appreciated!! 

My script so far looks like this (mainly stolen from this helpful answer

     Import-Module DataONTAP

     $Na1 = "filer1"

     $nacred = Get-Credential

     $NaController1 = Connect-NaController -Name $Na1 -Credential $nacred

Now this works fine if I supply the root user and password, but I don't want to have that information in my script files (ideally I want to authenticate with a user with significantly less access). But if try a different local filer user I get the following error:-

     Connect-NaController : Could not connect to sys-a-fls-01.sys.ams1.winsys.tmcs on port 80 for protocol HTTP.

This error seems very strange to me - does root use a different protocol? Hard to understand, but I can resolve this error but setting 'options httpd.enable' to 'on'. but then I get another error:-

     Connect-NaController : API invoke failed.

If examine the $error[0].Exception.InnerException I get the message:-

     The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.

This seems unlikely since it works for the root user?

I've made my test local user a member of the administrators group, but still get the error. Can someone please explain where I'm gong wrong?

Many thanks in advance!!


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Re: Cannot connect to filers with a local user that isn't root?



I've managed to work this out. It seem there's a problem with the user if it's created from my version of OnCommand System Manager. Creating what appears to be an identical user from the CLI works no problem.


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