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Checking a status of a snapshot

I would like to check the status of a snapshot. Specfically I was to see if a particular snapshot is locked due to a FlexClone... Any suggestions how to do that?



Re: Checking a status of a snapshot


PS C:\> Get-NaSnapshot -TargetName vol2

Name                                               Created      Total Cumulative Dependency

----                                               -------      ----- ---------- ----------

{1670257f-602b-4cf8-ac8a-b94e21486c95}           4/21/2009    53.5 GB    64.5 GB busy,LUNs,vclone

benson(0118045471)_dunn_vol2_mirror.377          3/20/2012    84.6 MB    84.6 MB snapmirror

cg_snapshot                                      6/27/2010    48.0 MB    11.0 GB

clone_vol2clone.1                                9/17/2010     6.7 GB    10.9 GB

clone_vol2clone.2                               10/19/2010     1.5 GB     4.2 GB busy,vclone

goldenBackup                                     3/11/2011     2.7 GB     2.7 GB

Re: Checking a status of a snapshot

Thanks Clinton. For anyone in the future, here is what I was trying to do. Test a snapshot status in a while loop;

Connect-NaController $SM_Dest_Controller -Credential $cred

while ($SMSnap.busy)

{ $SMSnap = Get-NaSnapshot -TargetName $SM_Dest_Vol -SnapName $

start-sleep -minutes 15}

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