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Checking "options" settings across multiple Filers.


I'm new to Powershell and in order to learn it have decided to start with writing a script for a useful task.

Has anyone used Ontap Powershell to ensure the "options" settings on multiple Filers are consistent across multiple Filers?

I was going read the list of Filers in from a text file connect to each and then use the "Get-NaOption"cmdlet to read the options for each Filer into a data structure and then compare it to a list of options in another text file.

I was thinking I could run the script periodically to report on any Filers that were not compliant. Any pointers or hints would be appreciated.




Re: Checking "options" settings across multiple Filers.

Hello, Martin.  Yes, this sounds like a great way to get started with PowerShell.  You might also look at the Compare-NaOption cmdlet.

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