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Command-let to download and Install New Ontap software in 7 mode


Is there a way to invoke the in 7 mode the filer upgrade process with power shell command-lets?

for instance ...

1) down load software to lots of filers with the download command.

2) run the install command to write the software to the software folder.

3) reboot when its time to bring up new OS version

This will be done in phases!

What the point? trying to build an automated way up-grade about 100+ filers to a new Ontap Version in 7 mode.

I know i can do this with ssh and a simple shell script, but it requires a setup of public key for a lot of systems.

Any help or ideas  will be  appreciated !




It is an operational convenience when you only have a few storage admins and hundreds of filers. So In some cases you would want to prime many filers for upgrade and possibly schedule the reboot at another date and time in more controlled fashion. More filers More fun!


I'm in the same boat.. not too many FTE's and hundreds of filers.   I stil will not do that.  The only thing i would do is pre-load the install files in /software dir and call it a day.  IMHO, you're playing with fire


This could be done, but why would you want to roll it out to 100+ filers..   The risk profile of doing something like this in my opinion is too high.  It's not like you are rolling out a windows patch to a client desktop.  

That's just my $.02c

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