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Common parameter -ErrorAction not working with Get-NAVol?



I noticed that the common parameter -ErrorAction might not work as expected with the cmdlet Get-NaVol. I tried the following to handle errors caused by wrong volume names passed to my script via parameter:

$NAVol = Get-NaVol $Volume -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -ErrorVariable err
if ($err) { Write-Host "Error: Volume $Volume not found!" -ForegroundColor red ; exit 1 }

When I pass a wrong volume name to my script, an error PowerShell exception message is shown regardless of the value SilentlyContinue which is to suppress these error messages.

Is it a bug or am I doing anything wrong?

Tested with Data Ontap PowerShell Toolkit 1.3



I'd like to bump the priority of this issue up. The PowerShell APIs are implemented haphazardly like this example, and it makes scripting a real pain.


$var1 = get-nasnapshot -name 'somevol' -snapname 'doesnotexist'

This snapshot doesn't exist, but the command doesn't complain. $var1 will be $null. This is good for testing the existence of a snapshot!

$var2 = get-navol -name 'doesnotexist'

This volume doesn't exist. The API pukes. Presumably $var2 will be $null, but there is no way to keep the exception from printing on the screen. -ErrorAction would be pretty handy here.


ErrorAction only applies to non-terminating errors.  Most of the getter cmdlets in the Toolkit throw terminating errors if something fails.  We may very well reconsider that convention, but you can always do this:

PS C:\> try { Get-NaVol asdf } catch { write-host "Try again" }
Try again


Understood, but does this comply with PowerShell conventions? A "get-item blabla -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue" supresses the error message and I don't see a big difference between the inention of both cmdlet (get-item and get-navol)


Understood and agreed.  This is logged for proper consideration in the next release.  Thanks for the feedback!

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