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Connect-NaController using some odd API calls


What does Connect-Nacontroller do when it connects to a filer?  I can see two Access Denied warnings in the Syslog for -

  • api-ems-autosupport-log
  • api-file-truncate-file

We have a monitoring script that HAS to run with a read-only user and I'm very reluctant to grant it these APIs.  So can anyone tell me why they are required?



Hi Matt,

The cmdlet does a myriad of things, but those two specifically look to be around usage.

The first API posts a message to the EMS log which you should also see in the messages file. It'll look something like: -

Wed May  7 17:14:46 BST []: : Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit 2.4: (1) usage: 0000202200000020010c000000000030800500001000204041002804620082a8780b09c8022000000006189205421000000000121102000017410800008310000000013100040000::::::::::::::

The cmdlet then updates a file named /etc/powershell which also tracks usage. It does this by first reading the contents, truncating the file to zero and then writing the updated contents back.

I cannot find anything that would allow you change this behaviour, but someone else may know more.