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Connecting Existing LUNs in Powershell

To connect luns to Windows servers, we currently use the sdcli disk connect command.

Does anyone know the equivalent powershell command?



Re: Connecting Existing LUNs in Powershell

there doesn't seem to be an Powershell command for connecting a LUN.

you may need to run sdcli.exe from within Powershell.

Re: Connecting Existing LUNs in Powershell

I looked in that document but couldn't find it as you say.

Seems like an odd omission, no?

The issue with running the SDCLI from powershell is that it seels to output the following:

Input snapshot name(y/n)?(10):

Input snapshot name(y/n)?(9):

Input snapshot name(y/n)?(8):

Input snapshot name(y/n)?(7):

Input snapshot name(y/n)?(6):

Input snapshot name(y/n)?(5):

Input snapshot name(y/n)?(4):

Input snapshot name(y/n)?(3):

Input snapshot name(y/n)?(2):

Input snapshot name(y/n)?(1):

Warning: Snapshot name is not available!

Any idea how to stop it doing this?

Re: Connecting Existing LUNs in Powershell

I've done this in the past, just used sdcli in the powershell window without issue

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