ConvertTo-NcVHDX - cannot connect to controller



I'm trying to get  Mat4Shift working in my lab.   When I issue ConvertTo-NcVhdx -SourceVmdk \\Shiftserver1....   I cget : Coult not Establish connection to controller containing file


On my shift server,  from the same powershell window,  I can do a dir \\ShiftServer1\...  and see the file.   


I'm using the latest versions of the toolkit as well as teh CDOT simulator 8.2.1.  Any hints?




Re: ConvertTo-NcVHDX - cannot connect to controller


Have you first established a connection to the SVM where the SMB share currently resides?

Also are you using the IP or the name which resolves to the LIF that has CIFS access? (Not the vserver management LIF)

$svm="name of the svm"

$clustermgmt="cluster mgmt lif"



$clustersvm=Connect-NcController $clustermgmt -vserver $svm -HTTPS
ConvertTo-NcVhdx -controller $clustersvm -SourceVmdk $sourceVMDK -DestinationVhd $destinationVHD