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Copy an export policy via PowerShell

I have a customer that has asked for a script to make a backup copy of their export policies every night (and keep 30 days).

I told them this would be easy - until I had a problem finding a cmdlet to make a copy of an export policy.  We can copy an export policy through the command line.  But I can't find the equivalent PowerShell commands to do this.  Am I missing something with the *-NCExportPolicy cmdlets?


(Just the same, we can copy quota policies via the command line and through the copy-ncquotapolicy cmdlet.  Is there an equivalent for export policies?)






Re: Copy an export policy via PowerShell

^^ I learned to not say "yes i can do that easily" with cDOT cmdlets b/c the 7-mode cmdlets i found were easily to adapt too.


If you make headway, let me know.

Re: Copy an export policy via PowerShell

There are some scripts for export/backup of export and share policies here.  At the core, you need to use the Get-NcExportPolicy and Get-NcExportPolicyRule cmdlets.


Hope that helps.



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Re: Copy an export policy via PowerShell

Thanks for the quick reply Andrew.

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