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Creating Vservers and volumes

Am looking at the current version of PowerShell Toolkit (version 2.1) cannot seem to find the cmdlets to create volumes and Vservers. Looking at ZEDI version 2.1 I can see the API to create a Vserver but not to create a volume. Do I have to use CLI for these actions?

Am usings the cmdlets on a Cluster-Mode cluster running 8.1.1.


Re: Creating Vservers and volumes

New-NcVol and New-NcVserver.  You can use Show-NcHelp or Get-NcHelp to browse the Cluster-Mode cmdlets available in the volume and vserver categories.

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Re: Creating Vservers and volumes

Thank you.

If I have this right there are three broad classes of cmdlets: 'Get-Nc*', 'Set-Nc*' and 'New-Nc*'. This that right?

Re: Creating Vservers and volumes

That's too general a statement.  The Toolkit does offer Get/Set/New/Remove cmdlets for many categories, but there are >1100 cmdlets in Toolkit 2.1 with a broad array of capabilities, including many host-side features.  Just run "Get-Command -Module dataontap" to see everything.

Re: Creating Vservers and volumes

THAT is the command I was looking for. Thank you

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