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Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit 1.5 and WMF 3.0 CTP1


I just downloaded and installed the WMF 3.0 CTP1 that has the Powershell 3.0 bits on my Windows 2008R2 SP1 system.

I am still poking around but, it appears that the upgrade did not break the DataONTAP Powershell Toolkit.

Are there any features that are not supported in the 1.5 Toolkit with PowerShell 3.0?



Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit 1.5 and WMF 3.0 CTP1


Hi, Mark.  We're excited about PowerShell 3.0 and will be fully supporting that release, but the Toolkit team hasn't taken the time to test with CTP1 yet.  We had another internal tester report that the Toolkit appeared to run fine on Windows 8 with PowerShell 3.0, so we feel good about that.  If you encounter anything that doesn't appear to work, please let us know.  In the meantime, we're heads down on C-mode cmdlets and other host-side goodies we think you'll appreciate.

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