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DataONTAP powershell module documentation.

Where is all the documentation for all cmdlets with parameter descriptions? 


Re: DataONTAP powershell module documentation.

show-nchelp, get-nchelp, get-nahelp,show-nahelp.

Re: DataONTAP powershell module documentation.

Interesting. Not your average powershell module.. get-help get-ncvol -online would have been more along the powershell rules Smiley LOL  I did notice another post asking the same question after I posted this. The nchelp cmdlets are not intuitive even for very well versed PS users unless you review every single cmdlet in the module. 



Re: DataONTAP powershell module documentation.

Get-Help works just fine without the "-Online" switch.  The help isn't plublished to a URL, so there's no place for it to retrieve the information from.  As @JGPSHNTAP noted, there's a number of places to view the help:


  • Get-NcHelp / Get-NaHelp = List the cmdlets available for the respetive platform ("Na" = 7-mode, "Nc" = clustered).
  • Show-NcHelp / Show-NaHelp = Open the HTML based help in the default browser.  This is a convenient way to view the equivalent of "Get-Help $cmdlet -Full" for all of the cmdlets, but in a browser.

And, of course, you can use "Get-Help $cmdlet", with all the normal parameters (Full, Examples, etc...except Online).


Hope that helps.



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