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Delete an export policy via Powershell


Hello community,


I want to write a powershell command for the WFA to delete exports policys, since there is none.

But I just can't find a Powershell command that does that. All I can find is the 'New-NcExportPolicy' command to create an export policy.

So is there simply no command for deleting one or am I missing something?


Would be happy if you could tell me the appropriate command.


Re: Delete an export policy via Powershell


Which version of PSTK are you using? I use 4.4 and it shows me:


PS C:\> Get-Command *NcExport*

CommandType     Name                                               ModuleName
-----------     ----                                               ----------
Cmdlet          Add-NcExportRuleClientmatches                      dataontap
Cmdlet          Get-NcExportAccessCacheConfig                      dataontap
Cmdlet          Get-NcExportPolicy                                 dataontap
Cmdlet          Get-NcExportRule                                   dataontap
Cmdlet          Get-NcExportsAccessCache                           dataontap
Cmdlet          New-NcExportPolicy                                 dataontap
Cmdlet          New-NcExportRule                                   dataontap
Cmdlet          Remove-NcExportPolicy                              dataontap
Cmdlet          Remove-NcExportRule                                dataontap
Cmdlet          Remove-NcExportRuleClientmatches                   dataontap
Cmdlet          Rename-NcExportPolicy                              dataontap
Cmdlet          Set-NcExportAccessCacheConfig                      dataontap
Cmdlet          Set-NcExportRule                                   dataontap
Cmdlet          Set-NcExportRuleIndex                              dataontap
Cmdlet          Set-NcExportsAccessCache                           dataontap
Cmdlet          Test-NcExportAccess                                dataontap

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