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Disk Firmware update in Clustered DataONTAP

Goal: Distribute new firmware packages across all controllers (7DOT & cDOT).

For 7DOT systems the procedure is quite simple by just uploading and extracting the firwmare package using the etc$ CIFS share. But for cDOT Systems it is a little bit more complex if you don't want to use the CLI interactively. According to the documentation ( there are two possibilities to upload the firmware:

Method 1: Using a web or ftp server

cluster::*> set -privilege advanced -confirmations off

cluster::*> storage firmware download -node node1 -package-type all -package-url http://myserver/

Enter User:

Enter Password:

Firmware download started.

Since the storage firmware download command asks for a user and a password (although no credentials are required) the invocation of the ssh commands via Powershell does not return:

PS> Invoke-NcSsh "set -privilege advanced -confirmations off; storage firmware download -node local -package-type all -package-url http://myserver/"

Method 2: Using a scp/sftp host

Instead of using a ssh-based transport the powershell Cmdlet Start-NcSystemImagePackageDownload is used to get the firmware file to the controller:

PS> Start-NcSystemImagePackageDownload -Url http://myserver/ -Node (Get-NcNode)[0].Node

The file is placed in the /mroot/etc/software folder and can be handled (moved to disk_fw folder, unzipped, etc.) via systemshell. Unfortunately I don't know a way to access the systemshell via Powershell.

Do you see a way to upload the disk firwmare via script for a clustered DataONTAP system? Any feedback is welcome!


Re: Disk Firmware update in Clustered DataONTAP

You can pass the username and password within the http address.  Any username:password combination works on my standard Apache for Windows install.

Try this:

storage firmware download -node node1 -package-type all -package-url http://blah:blah@myserver/


Sean Luce (@seanluce)

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Re: Disk Firmware update in Clustered DataONTAP

It works with FTP as well.  I am running FileZilla Server.  I created a user "firmware" with the password "firmware".

storage firmware download -node node1 -package-type all -package-url ftp://firmware:firmware@myserver/


Sean Luce (@seanluce)

Re: Disk Firmware update in Clustered DataONTAP

Works like a charm. Thanks for the hint!

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