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Disk Sanitization


Is there any function / Cmdlet in the PowerShell ToolKit I can use for scripting the disk sanitization process? My customer is searching an elegant way to automate the process of erasing old storage systems securely. Security demands are high so we have to use the disk sanitization feature.


Re: Disk Sanitization


I don't have a great answer for this question.  There are no APIs for the disk sanitization feature, hence no cmdlets.  I would normally recommend Invoke-NaSsh, but that CLI command offers no switch to suppress confirmation warnings, so the SSH invocation doesn't return.  You need some kind of scriptable SSH tool with an 'expect' feature that allows you to dismiss the confirmation.

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Re: Disk Sanitization


The Invoke-NaSsh cmdlet allows users to execute any command they would enter at the command line.  Get-NaDisk and Get-NaDiskOwner would be useful for identifying which disks belong to which aggregate and which controller.

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