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I noticed in the powershell commands for Snapmanager for SQL Server that there is create-clone and delete-clone.  rather surprised there is no Get-Clone.  Reason being is I want to create a powershell script to output all database that are cloned and their corresponding flex cloned luns that they are using, as well as any flexcloned luns that may be sticking around.   This is more of a check to makes sure that the clone refreshes are working and that the flex cloned luns are getting cleaned up.   This is to help facilitate operations to know if there maybe a potential issue for cloned luns sticking around too long and causing space issues because the clones are not being cleaned up to allow for the snaps to be cleaned up.  Any help on this front is greatly appreciated.


Re: Get-Clone?



I'd like to be able to get all cloned databases and their respective FelxClones.

Re: Get-Clone?


did you try using get-naclone ?? it can point you in the right direction.

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