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Get-NcCifsPreferredDomainController Requires a Transient Connect-NcController Connection to SVM


When I use Get-NcCifsPreferredDomainController I am having to create and use a transient connection to a cluster.  I don't have to use that for similar type cmdlets like Get-NcCifsDomainServer.  Is there something about this one that requires this SVM specific connection or is there something I should be doing different? 



According to the toolkit help system, Get-NcCifsPreferredDomainController must be directed to a specific SVM whereas Get-NcCifsDomainServer can be directed to either the cluster connection or an SVM.


You can determine this behaviour by looking at the Family attribute in the output of `Get-NcCommand <cmdlet-name>` (example below).

   * Family 'vserver' means the cmdlet must be directed to the SVM (either create a connection to the SVM directly or specify the Vserver parameter when connecting to the cluster or provide a value for the VserverContext parameter when running cmdlets of this family).

   * Family 'cluster' means the cmdlet must be directed to the cluster (i.e. will fail if you are directly connected to an SVM).

   * Family of 'cluster, vserver' means you can direct the cmdlet to either an SVM or a cluster.


PS C:\Users\aparajir\Perforce\aparajir_BTC_pstk_3\main> Get-NcCommand Get-NcCifsPreferredDomainController

Name Category Family Api
---- -------- ------ ---
Get-NcCifsPreferredDomainController cifs {vserver} {cifs-domain-preferred-dc-get-iter}

PS C:\Users\aparajir\Perforce\aparajir_BTC_pstk_3\main> Get-NcCommand Get-NcCifsDomainServer

Name Category Family Api
---- -------- ------ ---
Get-NcCifsDomainServer cifs {cluster, vserver} {cifs-domain-discovered-servers-get-iter}


Hope this helps!