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Get-NcCifsUserHomeDirectory seems broken


I've been fighting with Get-NcCifsUserHomeDirectory for quite a while now and I decided I better ask here before I chase the rabbit farther down the hole.


No matter how I use the cmdlet (via cluster og SVM mgmt interfaces), I get the error "WARNING: Why are you using this method?"  


Authentication works fine. No connectivity issues.  


I've tried to extract more verbose messages out of the warning variables without luck.  I, of course, don't get an answer for the query either.  The same query on the command line gives me the answer, although the formatting requires a bit of munging.


I'm no racer yet at PowerShell (not sure I will ever get the enthusiasm, it's just too much of a cludge on a cludgey OS), but I've done a bit.


Basically, I'm running ONTap 9.1, a newer Powershell version (some patch level of 2012) and the 4.4 toolkit (which still returns 4.2).


This is starting to feel like a ToolKit issue.  Anyone know if there are any regression tests done Toolkit builds?