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Using PSTK 9.8 (and this was the same in 9.6) running Get-NcVolumeEncryption gives an error back to say it is unable to find the API, does anyone else have this issue?  Trying to find a way of getting the encryption type of a volume, so volume or aggregate.  I can get whether or not a volume is encrypted but I am wanting to know the type.


Other cmdlets work fine, just this one, I had read on a previous community post this API might have been revoked a while back but this doesn't make sure to have not been reintroduced. 




Re: Get-NcVolumeEncryption


What version of OnTap are you running?  I think it's more of an issue of what APIs are available in the OnTap version that you are connecting to, but I'm having the same issue.

I'm having the issue with Get-NcVolumeEncryption  and Invoke-NcVolumeEncryptionRekey.  I've tried running them PSTK 9.8 against an OnTap 9.7P12 cluster and from PSTK 9.6 against an OnTap 9.5P3 cluster.  Both cases report that they are "Unable to find API". 

Interestingly enough, Get-NcVolumeEncryptionRekey (to check the status of rekey operations) does work in both of the above cases. 

Re: Get-NcVolumeEncryption


I have tried on the exact version you mentioned and yes other cmdlets in that family do seem to work OK.  I suspect this needs fixing!

Re: Get-NcVolumeEncryption


Hello Twodotohh,


I confirmed the issue on PSTK 9.8 and have reported it to our internal team. Thanks for informing us and we apologize for the inconvenience.





Team NetApp

Team NetApp

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