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How can I process Warning or Error messages from Invoke-NaSsh


I'm using the cmdlet Invoke-NaSsh to issue ontap commands that don't have an API call. In this case I want to apply fsecurity configs to a volume. So far I was not able to get the warning or error message that is displayed in the powershell console into a variable. I'd like to check if the command throwed an error. Any help is highly appreciated. I attach the scrit and the console output. Thanks in advance.

Import-Module DataONTAP

$napasswd    = "p@assw0rd"        # Password for the Hosting-Filer, the VFiler and the AD Administrator User

$nahost        = "g100bpmc002.g100.intern"        # Name of the Hosting Filer

$navfiler    = "v998spnvv1999gl"        # Name of the VFiler (also the NetBIOS Name of the VFiler)

$filename    = "aclg999l.conf"

$napath        = "/vol/" + $navfiler + "/" + $filename

$filedata    = "cb56f6f4"

$volname    = "g999_filelight_001"

$command    = "vfiler run " + $navfiler + " fsecurity apply " + $napath

#$command    = "vfiler run " + $navfiler + " cifs shares"

Invoke-NaSsh -Controller $nahost -Command $command -Cred wfauser

PS D:\wfa> .\Test_Invoke-NaSsh.ps1

===== v998spnvv1999gl

WARNUNG: fsecurity: /vol/v998spnvv1999gl/aclg999l.conf (Line 2): Unable to parse the security SDDL string.

fsecurity: /vol/v998spnvv1999gl/aclg999l.conf (Line 3): Unable to parse the security SDDL string.

fsecurity: Unable to parse the definition file, quitting.



Stefan, you can use PowerShell's error handling for that.  See 'help about_commonparameters'.

For example, you can capture warnings like this:

PS C:\> Invoke-NaSsh asdf -WarningVariable warn

WARNING: asdf not found.  Type '?' for a list of commands

PS C:\> $warn[0] | fl

Message               : asdf not found.  Type '?' for a list of commands

InvocationInfo        : System.Management.Automation.InvocationInfo

PipelineIterationInfo : {0, 1}

If you want your script to stop execution if you get a warning, that's easy too:

PS C:\> Invoke-NaSsh asdf -WarningVariable warn -WarningAction stop

WARNING: asdf not found.  Type '?' for a list of commands

Invoke-NaSsh : Command execution stopped because the preference variable "WarningPreference" or common parameter is set to Stop.

At line:1 char:13

+ invoke-nassh <<<<  asdf -WarningVariable warn -WarningAction stop

    + CategoryInfo          : OperationStopped: (:) [Invoke-NaSsh], ParentContainsErrorRecordException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ActionPreferenceStop,DataONTAP.PowerShell.SDK.Cmdlets.Toolkit.Ssh.InvokeNaSsh


Hi Clinton,

Do we have any kind of fsecurity equivalent cmdlet on the roadmap?  It would be nice to be able to set permissions on qtrees and folders via a cmdlet in a similar manner to Set-NaCifsShareAcl.



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