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How do I easily determine the remaining free space on a filer, Ontap v7.3.4.p2



what is the best way to determine how much space is left on an active filer.  I need to determine how large an aggregate, volume and lun are possible with the remaing space.  There doesn't seem to be a FilerView or CLI command that clearly tells this that won't require me to make a bunch of calculations of WAFL overhead etc.





Hi Richard,

well there's the commands df-Ah (df -Vh) and aggr show_space 'aggr name' to give you some information

on the space used/available on the filers.

In is not possible to give you an command that tells you how large an aggregate, volume and lun are possible. Reason

for this is that there are to many variables to take into account: Do you want snap reserve? Is if a volume with or without al lun? thin? thick? etc.etc.

Same goes for the aggregate: do you want raid_dp or raid4? how many spares?  etc.

If you are not sure what the best sizing is for the volumes/lun you want to configure you can allays check with your support.

    thanks! and yes I'm familiar with the df -A -g(what I use) and aggr show_space 'aggr name'  commands and also the FilerView options to glean the same info in manage aggregates I believe it is.     This is helpful but partial information.  If for intance, I have a filer with free disk space to create or expand an aggregate, it seems there is no method then to provide an estimate of what those free disks will provide without actually walking the thru the aggregate creation wizard and committing it?   I have a task to come up with a procedure to send to a customer to perform on filers in a secured data center, to basically inventory the filers for available space to see what future expansion is possible on them.  I'm not sure we have a support contract or Netapp engineer I can call. So there is no estimator tool that is available to account for snap reserves, WAFL overhead and other settable parameters to estimate the final lun size possible? thanks rich


Also, you can use the ONTAP Powershell toolkit and run the following:

Connect-NaController myfiler -RPC