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How reliable is get-nalun alignment information?


The Command get-nalun | select path, alignment shows some misaligned luns.

I don't trust this information.

All these luns where created through snapdrive.

I tought that snapdrive would align luns from the start.

I found bug 103555 which states that some snapdrive versions did misalign luns.

But this relates to older versions of Data Ontap.

And I have 'misaligned' on luns that where created with snapdrive 6.4.1.

So how reliable is this information?

Before I start testing every single lun I would like to know where this information came from.

Can I use an ontap command to tell me the same?


Windows 2008R2 with Snapdrive 6.4.1

DataOntap 8.1 7-Mode

Powershall DataOntap version 2.0.0



I would definitely want an answer for that. I'm asking myself exactly the same question.

If anybody around know the answer...


I have the exact issue, anyone know the answer? I have slow copies between luns on the same controller


Check this out:

In a nutshell, I don't think those values are 100% correct.  Sometimes write patterns by database applications and others like it appear to NetApp to be misaligned activity.