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Hyper-V / Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 Issues?



I am in the process of working with a Netapp Partner and installing a new Hyper-V Cluster.  I have been told to NOT install Service Pack 1 on any of my servers, as there were issues, specifically with high disk IO on the servers.  I have looked here on the forums and the internet, and I am not able to come up with anything backing this information.   Has anyone applied Service Pack 1 on their Hyper-V / Server 2008 R2 Servers?  Are you experieincing issues?   Any information you could provide, would be greatly apprciated.




No problems at all. We have two HyperV deployments, one in production and one in R&D, I have not experienced any issues with SP1    


Ok, it looks like there are a few issues with SP1.  This is a Microsoft problem, and not a Netapp issue.  I originally misunderstood that the problems in question were using Hyper-V with Netapp Storage.

This list is not a comprehensive list, and I encourage all of you to check back with the site.

The biggest one that I see is hotfix 2263829, where hte network connection of a running Hyper-V virtual machine may be lost under heavy outgoing network traffic on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.

I can't seem to find an "official list" from Microsoft.  But, I did find this great blog that details some of the problems:

Of course, these may not affect all of you, and therefore testing is crucial.   Read all of the docs, know about the known issues, and proceed carefully!   Hope this helps all of you out, and saves you some time.




Thank you for the reply to my post.  I am going to try and get some more information out of our partner to see what specifically he has heard.  

Again, I appreciate your response.

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