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I must be missing something about update-Ncvol


Ok... i've been around the toolkit since 1.0, so at this point, i'm very confused on a cDOT perspective as i'm just starting to dig into the cDot ... I figured out I 'm going to need to update-ncVol to ensure the export policy is the same...


But does that mean I need to dynamically build a query each time to update the volume?


$info = get-ncvol | select Vserver,Name,Junctionpath,@{n='policy';e={($_.volumeexportattributes).policy}}


That will get me the policy i'm looking for...


Now, in order to match DR, the idea is that I need anything that is not default or $null and assign the policy to the volume..


I'm finding that i'm going to need to build a query everytime and run some checks?  Any thoughts?