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Invoke-NaSsh -PrivateKeyFile - Invalide Private Key File

Hi all,

I try to get KeyAuthentication with Invoke-NaSsh to work. I get following error Message:

Invoke-NaSsh : Invalid private key file.

When I use plink.exe with this key I´m trying everything work fine.

In which format the ppk FIle is expected?

Can anyone send me out a valid public / private Key Pair, that I can check what is missing in my file.




Re: Invoke-NaSsh -PrivateKeyFile - Invalide Private Key File

The private key file should be in the OpenSSH format.  If you are using PuTTYgen to create the .ppk, go to Conversions -> Export OpenSSH key to export the private key in the correct format.


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Re: Invoke-NaSsh -PrivateKeyFile - Invalide Private Key File

Thanks - that was the trick, how to create the key with putty in a windows environment.


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