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Invoke-NaSsh passing multiple commands to Cisco MDS


Working on script to set some standard settings on Cisco MDS switches using the Invoke-NaSsh from the PowerShell Tool kit. I can pass a single command (i.e. SHOW VSAN 1), but passing multiple commands (i.e. CONFIGURATION TERMINAL;SYSTEM DEFAULT SWITCHPORT SHUTDOWN;EXIT), I get a Cmd exec error.


I can stack the commands in format above with PLINK (PuTTY CLI), but can ot seem to get it work with Invoke-NaSsh


Current CMD line:

Invoke-NaSsh -name $switchIP -command "configure terminal;system default switchport shutdown;exit" -credential $credentials -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -WarningAction SilentlyContinue 


Re: Invoke-NaSsh passing multiple commands to Cisco MDS

The only thing I can say is from my experience is that the stacked commands work for netapp, i'm not sure if they work for cisco. 

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