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Invoke-NaVirtualDiskSpaceReclaim and Microsoft Scale Out File Server (SOFS)




I am working with a customer who has chosen to start a Hyper-V application environment with NetApp storage on the backend and Scale-Out-File-Server (a software feature of Windows Server 2012R2) in front of a NetApp FAS system.  (please see diagram attached to this post).  The protocol used is FC.


The question: Is it possible to use the NaVirtualDiskSpaceReclaim powershell commandlet to reclaim space in the VHD files if the Hyper-V server is not able to 'see' the VHD files.  (the Hyper-V hosts access the scale out file server systems via SMB3, and the scale out file server accesses the NetApp LUNs via FC protocol.


Thank you!



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