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License problem with iscsi and fcp


Recently i updated my FAS2040 controller to version 8.1.3

Then i added licence code for isci and fcp.

Command "licence add" return me:

license add: "iscsi" is included and no license code is necessary.

license add: "fcp" is included and no license code is necessary.

Command "license" return me:

netapp02> license

                 a_sis ENABLED

                    cf HereMyLicenseKey

             cf_remote not licensed

                  cifs site not licensed

           compression ENABLED

     disk_sanitization ENABLED

                   fcp ENABLED

           flash_cache not licensed

            flex_clone not licensed

            flex_scale not licensed

         flexcache_nfs ENABLED

                  http ENABLED

       insight_balance not licensed

                 iscsi ENABLED

            multistore not licensed

      nearstore_option ENABLED

                   nfs not licensed

    operations_manager ENABLED

    persistent_archive ENABLED

    protection_manager not licensed

  provisioning_manager ENABLED

              smdomino not licensed

                 smsql ENABLED

     snapdrive_windows ENABLED

              snaplock not licensed

   snaplock_enterprise not licensed

    snapmanager_hyperv ENABLED

    snapmanager_oracle ENABLED

       snapmanager_sap ENABLED

snapmanager_sharepoint ENABLED

        snapmanager_vi not licensed

            snapmirror not licensed

       snapmirror_sync not licensed

             snapmover ENABLED

         snapvalidator not licensed

      storage_services ENABLED

    sv_application_pri not licensed

          sv_linux_pri ENABLED

          sv_ontap_pri ENABLED

          sv_ontap_sec not licensed

           sv_unix_pri ENABLED

             sv_vi_pri ENABLED

    sv_windows_ofm_pri ENABLED

        sv_windows_pri ENABLED

      syncmirror_local HereMyLicenseKey

              v-series not licensed

                   vld ENABLED


But i cant configure iscsi and fcp

netapp02> iscsi status

iscsi: service is not licensed

netapp02> fcp status

fcp: FCP is not licensed.

How i can fix problem with iscsi and fcp?


Re: License problem with iscsi and fcp


Did you consider removing the license and adding it again?



Re: License problem with iscsi and fcp

Hi, Arun!


Yes, of course i tryed to delete license, but i couldn't do it:

netapp02> license delete iscsi

license delete: "iscsi" is an included feature and cannot be deleted.

Re: License problem with iscsi and fcp

Strange, what license for iscsi and fcp was ENABLED by default after update to OnTap 8.1.3.

But if iscsi and fcp enabled, why i can't configure them?

Re: License problem with iscsi and fcp

Thank you for support!

I found answer for my question here:

View solution in original post

Re: License problem with iscsi and fcp

As he says in the thread, for embeded licensed features you might have to use system manager to manage them. can you check whether you can start the iscsi through cli. "iscsi start". But however, you should be able to manage through system manager.



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