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Logging Infrastructure within PowerShell Toolkit


Please guide me if there is any logging infrastructure within PowerShell Toolkit to capture events/info/warnings/errors or cmdlet parameters. If yes, how to enable & configure it.

I mean log for all the activities that happen in PowerShell Toolkit, such a what cmdlets the user has run, what warnings occured, etc. (like a normal logging infrastructure for any good application).


Re: Logging Infrastructure within PowerShell Toolkit


The toolkit is just that a toolkit.  It is not an application, it's a low level building block that enables you to build your own custom solutions. Each individual cmdlet has standard warning/error/debug/info information, but that information is written to the PowerShell host, not a common log.   If your solutions require a logging infrastructure, you can build one into your scripts using standard cmdlets like New-Event, and out-file.

Hope that helps,


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