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Looking to automate clones creation of cifs and nfs shares on mirror-vault destination volumes


Looking to automate the clone, mount and share creation from snapmirror destination volumes. I was toying with the idea of creating a snapshot from a script at the source (something as simple as DR), and then creating a script at the destination that would create a clone using "DR" as the parent. This doesn't work because we are using the mirror-vault relationships, and this won't copy all snapshots (I would hope they would change this at some point, but I am not holding my breath).


I can update the snapshot policy to create a single snapshot with the smlabel DR, and that sorta works out here. The snapshot winds up being named:


If there is only one of these at the destination, I am looking for a way to select whatever is labeled "dr.*" as the parent snapshot.

I can do something like this:

Get-ncSnapshot $vol_name | ?{ $_.Name -like "dr.*"}

and only get a return of the "dr.*" snapshot, but I don't know to get a clone based off of this:

get-ncvol $vol_name | New-Ncvolclone -CloneVolume syseng_DR -parentsnapshot { 'Get-ncSnapshot syseng_sm | ?( $_.Name -like "dr.*")


Any ideas?




What error do you get from your last line of code? You can see an example done here:


The traditional way of DR in ONTAP is just a standard snapmirror (or MirrorAndVault if you want to control the retention),  and failing-over using the base snapshot, that's a bit more straightforward with reverse, and also (if done right) locks your source to write while you active in DR.


With this, you can also pre-create your CIFS shares and NFS exports. I simply compare them nightly between the two filers with PS compare-object to see the ACL and settings are identical.

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