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MAT4SHIFT conversion issue


I have MAT4SHIFT set up and working properly on my system.  I have converted several Windows 2008 machines without issue.  When I attempt to convert a Windows 2012 R2 server - it gets to the part where it uninstalls the VMWare tools - but it seems to power down before the VMWare tools uninstall completes.  So the conversion fails.


I have tried it in the offline mode - and I was able to convert the machine - but it did not uninstall the vmware tools.  So it could be that the VMWare Tools uninstall is not working properly on windows 2012.  Has anyone else experienced this?



I have more information about this issue.  


It seems that in Windows 2012 R2, the uninstall string for vmware tools has changed.  In 2012 and below - the string is:  MsiExec.exe /X{648D3C6F-E33E-4A1B-BB16-01509F48FB8F}, but in 2012 R2, the string is:  MsiExec.exe /X{46488CDF-4FE8-442A-8E8B-AA5615598FCF}.  I will be looking at the powershell code today to see if I can address this, but for now - what is happening is that the conversion is timing out because the vmware tools uninstall is not completing properly.