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Migration from Windows share to NetApp CIFS Share


I'm looking for a way to migrate my Windows share to a NetApp CIFS share and bring over all the NTFS permissions.  I've done some looking around and it seems that RoboCopy is the go to for most but don't know if there is a better utility out there somewhere.  Maybe in the PowerShell toolkit.


Re: Migration from Windows share to NetApp CIFS Share


you can also use netapp xcp.


NetApp XCP is a client-based software for any-to-NetApp and NetApp-to-NetApp data migrations and file analytics. XCP is designed to scale and achieve greater performance by utilizing all the available system resources to manage high-volume datasets and high-performance migrations. XCP helps you get complete visibility into the file system with the option to generate customer reports. Thanks to the matching and formatting capabilities, you can customize the reports to match any reporting needs.

Use XCP for NFS or SMB systems as one of the following solutions:

  • Migration solution

  • File Analytics solution

Hope this answers your question.

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