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Mirroring Igroups, Initiators and Lun Mappings


First, I want to thank Glenn Sizemore for his kick ass approach of scripting and mirroring the Igroups..(See other thread)

Here's the completed script to mirror igroups, initiators and LUN Mappings..- For the purpose of testing I threw an If statement in there to grab just one igroup.  You can remove the if statement if you want all igroups..

$sourcecontroller = Connect-NaController filera

$dstcontroller = Connect-NaController filerb

# Get Lun Info on Source Controller

$igroups = Get-NaIgroup -Controller $sourcecontroller

$LunInfo = Get-NaLun -Terse -Controller $sourcecontroller | where-object {$_.path -notlike "*sv*"} | Get-NaLunMap -Controller $sourcecontroller | Group-Object Name           

## Loop through existing $igroup info

foreach ($Igroup in $igroups) {

   if ($ -eq "igroupname")


    #Write-out command for testing igroup creation"

    Write-Host "`nCreating Igroup:" $ "On controller" $dstcontroller

    Write-Host "--------------------------------------------------------"

    New-NaIgroup -Name $Igroup.Name -Type $Igroup.type -protocol $Igroup.protocol -controller $dstcontroller -confirm:$false

    ## Adding initators to Igroup

    Write-Host "`nAdding Initators: " $Initiators " to Igroup" $

    $Initiators = $iGroup.Initiators | Select-Object -ExpandProperty 'InitiatorName'

    $Initiators | Add-NaIgroupInitiator -igroup $  -Controller $dstcontroller -confirm:$false

    Write-Host "`n"

    ### Add Lun Mappings for Igroup

    Write-Host "`nAdding Lun Mappings for: " $

      foreach ($lun in ($LunInfo| where {$_.Name -eq $igroup.Name} | select -ExpandProperty Group)) {

         Write-Host "`t`t`tLUN:" $lun.lunID ":" $lun.path

      Add-NaLunMap -Path $lun.path -InitiatorGroup $ -ID $lun.lunid -Controller $dstcontroller -verbose






Forgot to add Glenn's check for ALUA.. That's all i'm concerned with.. Throw this in the for loop

    ## ADD alua check

    if ($Igroup.InitiatorGroupAluaEnabled -eq $true)
     Write-Host "Adding ALUA to Igroup:" $
      Set-NaIgroup -Name $ -Key alua -Value $IGroup.InitiatorGroupAluaEnabled -Controller $dstcontroller -Force


I know some of you out there use aliases, upon checking I figured I would add it..

Add this do the code

$existingaliases = Get-NaFcpPortNameAlias -Controller $sourcecontroller

## Set Aliases via looping through it

If ($existingaliases -ne $null) {

foreach ($alias in $existingaliases) {

Set-NaFcpPortNameAlias -PortName $alias.aliaseswwpn -Alias $alias.aliasesalias -Controller $dstcontroller -Force -Verbose





Very cool i'm glad my script helped kick start your project.

Thanks for sharing the Code!!


Thanks. You and clinton always get me moving in the correct direction.  

And i'm all about sharing.. that's how everyone learns and is able to use the awesome powershell snapins..